Monday, 7 March 2011

How many Vikings make a horde?

In my quest to account for the original horde of Vikings, I've so far clocked up 20 number plates (including my own). It's unconfirmed, but apparently there were 200 Vikings made, so as you can see I have a long way to go. Word of my quest appears to be spreading slowly and I had a great email from a fellah named Dan who's searching for a van. Apparently, his parents bought a Viking in Norfolk back in 1984.

Sadly Dan's parents divorced in 1988 and Dad took the van with him. The chap managed to keep hold of it until one fateful day in 1989 when he somehow beached the van on a two foot high wall while 'under the influence'. This is the bit that tickled me ... Legend has it that a rather opportunistic officer of the law cut a deal with Dad, letting him walk free while taking legal possession of the Viking. All in a days work I suppose!

Anyway, Dan is now trying to locate the said Viking, though he only knows the last part of the registration 205K. He contacted me through this blog, but it's not one that I've come across yet. It's fairly distinct in that it's a 'crossover' bay with an early front panel and later rear lights.

These pics were taken on a site in Greatstone in Kent. Is that a Raleigh Grifter Dan's riding? He's set up a thread on the Volkszone forum, so If you come across this lost treasure please be sure to get in touch: Dan's lost van

I've only got half a rego, but I've added it to the horde and shall keep my eyes peeled. I'm rather glad I started this Viking hunt now. Any more great stories out there?

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  1. We have a Viking, but I am not at all convinced it's original! I think it's an old works van (there's a solid bulkhead - no walkthrough from the cab) but definitely a full super-6 Viking roof! Registration is FPM 656V and it lives in mid-Hampshire.....even if I can't account for one of the originals, I can account for its roof :-)