Sunday, 27 March 2011

All done and dusty!

Happy boy, happy van. Picked Nan up from the spray shop on Thursday. All the ugly rust has been banished.

Went out for a spin today, ended up at Yockenthwaite at the top of Wharfedale for a spot of lunch. In his infinate wisdome, Nick the Spray changed the awful bright white for the original Volkswagon  creamy white (got the serial number somewhere, must make a note). Looks splendid, just the old wheels letting her down badly, but I'm on the case.

A great afternoon, hooping, scoffing, throwing stones into the river and playing Mouse Trap in the van. A cracking Sunday all in all, and getting us somewhat excited about our up-comming trip to Scotland to mark our tenth wedding anniversary. 


  1. Josh,

    She's lookin' mighty nice there. Here's to a summer of fun in the Vikings. I know our Super Viking will be pillaging and plundering the coast of Wales in a month!


  2. If you find some good spots let me know - Porth Ceriad on the Llyn one of my faves!

  3. hey Josh

    Just read your blog in on hit !

    We've spent the last year doing up the interior of our 1974 bus but your blog has maybe inspired us to take a look at the outside.

    our story is here

    but don't suggest you read this drivel in one hit