Monday, 4 October 2010

Stay-at-home Vikings

A friend of mine, Nick Harper, played a gig in Norway not all that long ago. He berated the audience in Hamar for being 'stay at home Vikings'. His point being, that Vikings are still around in Britain, and indeed as descendants of those marauding hordes, he could lay claim to his heritage and proclaim that whilst he was a true and 'tough' Viking, his audience was far less vicious as they were descendants of less tough 'stay at home Vikings' whose ancestors were not brave enough to cross the North Sea in an open boat! It went down well and the gig was a tremendous success.  Then I got to thinking ... how many Vikings are there left in the UK?

I'm much more interested in the pop top, sleep six, Super Viking conversion that graced the late (never seen one pre 1979, and they're fairly common on the Type 25s) Type II Bays. I'm not entirely sure why, and to what end, I haven't a clue, but I've started collecting registration plates of Super Vikings I come across. I bagged a few at Camp Bestival earlier this year, and now have a grand total of 5, including my own. Yeh I know, it's pathetic, but maybe, just maybe if the list grows, I could end up being the Super Viking sage of Britain. So if you own a Super Viking conversion, let me know. Send me the registration number and I'll add it to the 'database'. Who knows, maybe one day we could all end up on 'Late night nerds' on Nerd TV! Go on, we could all be a part of history.

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